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What is a consulting platform?

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In the world of consulting, there is an innovative solution that brings companies and qualified consultants together in an efficient way – a consulting platform – a network like that of
. This marketplace approach plays a crucial role by giving companies the opportunity to formulate a requirement for their specific consulting needs and providing consultants with the platform to bid for these projects.

The dynamics of a consulting platform offer an optimal solution for the challenges that companies face. This is because companies can easily access highly qualified consultants and interim experts, on a permanent or freelance basis, and fulfill their individual requirements effectively and flexibly. A consulting platform thus offers an innovative response to the complex requirements of today’s business world.

Diverse expertise: the consultingheads platform

Our network combines not only broad industry expertise, but also in-depth functional competence. It is this unique combination of diverse expertise and comprehensive knowledge that enables us to provide strategic answers to the challenges of our time. Our consulting platform enables an efficient search for professionals in various consulting areas, including:

  • Strategy & Innovation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Sales & Marketing
  • IT
  • M&A, Finance & Controlling
  • Operations Optimization
  • Organization & HR
  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Purchase & Supply Chain Management
  • Product Development
  • Service Excellence
  • Customer Experience

Companies can specify their requirements precisely and consultants have the opportunity to apply for these projects. A network like that of consultingheads facilitates the selection process, communication and cooperation between the parties.

Advantages of a consulting platform

The use of a consulting platform offers both companies and consultants numerous advantages:

  • Starting with the inquiry, companies can clearly define their specific project requirements, while consultants can use their project profiles to present their qualifications and areas of expertise.
  • With the help of requirement descriptions, companies can specify which candidates they would like for the respective project, and the projects are advertised on the platform. Communication between the parties is facilitated by consultingheads, in which the team provides the necessary solutions.
  • The selection process, contract conclusion and payments are made directly via consultingheads. After completion of the project, ratings and feedback can be left by both sides to enable other users to assess the quality of the services.
  • Another benefit can be time and cost savings, as companies can quickly access experts without having to go through the lengthy process of traditional consultant searches. It also offers a wide range of experts with different levels of expertise and experience.

It is important that consultants regularly update their profiles to offer their latest experience and skills. At the same time, companies should formulate their requirements as precisely as possible in order to ensure a very good selection process.

The consultingheads platform provides a dynamic and efficient environment for collaboration and knowledge sharing in the world of management consulting.

When is it time to use a consulting platform?

In a constantly changing business world, it is crucial to deploy the right resources at the right time. The use of an independent consulting platform can prove to be a strategic move, especially when specialized knowledge, time pressure or recruitment difficulties arise in the company. Signs that it is time to use a consulting platform may include

Companies need temporary specialized knowledge:

  • Challenges that require specialist knowledge and a lack of internal resources indicate that it is time to use an independent consulting platform.
  • For short-term requirements, a freelance consultant or interim expert is often better suited than a permanent employee.
  • Finding a qualified consultant can be challenging, but a consulting platform makes the process easier.

Time is of the essence:

  • For projects with tight deadlines, independent consultants can help deliver results on time and on budget.
  • In situations where companies need to implement a project within a few months or weeks, finding and hiring a full-time employee is almost impossible.
  • With an independent consulting platform, on the other hand, qualified consultants can be found and commissioned within a few days. At consultingheads on average within < 36 hours.

Recruitment difficulties or restrictions in the company:

  • If companies are having challenges filling a position with a hard-to-find skills profile or there is a hiring freeze, then it is also a good time to consider freelance consultants or interim experts.

Freelance vs. permanent employment: the right choice for your consulting project

The choice between freelancers and permanent employees depends on various factors. To find the perfect fit for your project, you should take the following considerations into account:

  • Clarify project requirements: Clearly define the requirements and objectives of your project. Consider whether short-term, specialized skills of a freelancer or a long-term, continuous collaboration with a permanent employee are required.
  • Specialist knowledge and experience: Check the expertise and experience of potential candidates. Freelancers on consulting platforms present their previous projects and skills, while permanent employees have to be assessed through CVs and references.
  • Flexibility and scalability: If your project has variable requirements or needs a short-term solution, the flexibility of a freelancer can be an advantage. Permanent employees, on the other hand, offer long-term continuity and are often a good option for long-term projects.
  • Cost factor: Check the budget requirements of your project. Freelance consultants can be the more cost-effective option in many cases, as no fixed salaries, social expenses, vacation and sick days have to be paid.
  • Time frame: Consider the time frame of your project. Freelancers are often available immediately and can be hired quickly, while hiring permanent employees can take longer.

Ultimately, the decision between a freelancer and a permanent employee depends on the specific needs of your project, your budget and your preferences regarding flexibility and long-term commitment. As is so often the case in reality, in the end it’s not freelance or permanent employment – it’s the mix that counts and many projects are successfully implemented because freelancers work together with permanent employees to make a project a success.

What is the difference between consultingheads and other consulting platforms?

Consultingheads distinguishes itself from other consulting and freelance platforms primarily through its approach to the placement of projects and the bringing together of consultants and interim experts, in permanent employment or freelance with companies. While many freelancer platforms are designed to provide a wide range of job listings where clients can post their projects and freelancers can then actively search and apply for suitable assignments, consultingheads takes a more selective and targeted approach.

The main differences lie primarily in the following areas:

In a short briefing, we gain a holistic understanding of your current challenge. We think in terms of solutions, not heads.

We connect you with the right consultants & interim experts who can help you solve your challenge.

Once you have found the right consultant, we take care of the contracts, onboarding and long-term support – we make success easy for you.

Honesty, fairness and loyalty are the basis of our network.
We keep our promises and act accordingly.

Our aim is to build long-term partnerships based on trust. The diversity of perspectives and skills in our network allows us to achieve great things for our clients.

To summarize, the difference between consultingheads and other freelancer platforms lies in the targeted, quality- and relevance-oriented placement of projects, which offers advantages for companies and freelancers alike.

Is a consulting platform also an option for your company?

Request your consultants and interim experts now on the consultingheads platform. Our Talent Acquisition Managers are in close contact with candidates on a daily basis, know our network and can quickly find suitable consultingheads for your project or position. We take every challenge personally, deal with your challenge individually and remain closely at your side – from the initial inquiry to filling the position.

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