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What is a Chief of Staff?

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In the dynamic corporate world, the position and tasks of the of the Chief of Staff of increasing importance.  
In this contribution we explore the functions and benefits of this key position. Find out which crucial tasks a Chief of Staff and when it is advantageous for your company isto integrate this strategic role. Let’s explore together how this position can increase efficiency and contribute to the success of your business goals. 


What are alternative job titles for Chief of Staff?

There are various job titles for the position of Chief of Staff, or COS for short – here are some titles you can consider depending on the company context and industry:

  • Secretary to the CEO 
  • Strategic consultant:in 
  • Head of Corporate Development 
  • Speaker:in the management 
  • Executive Assistant

The variety of these alternatives reflects how versatile and decisive the role of a Chief of Staff is for the company’s success. 


What are the tasks of a Chief of Staff?

The Chief of Staff acts as a strategic partner and closest confidant to the CEO and management. The role is highly important as it bridges the gap between the management level and the operational departments – here are some key responsibilities of the Chief of Staff:

  • Strategic support: The Chief of Staff supports the Management Board in the development and implementation of strategic initiatives. This role requires a deep understanding of the organization’s vision and goals in order to advise leadership on the formulation and implementation of effective strategies.
  • Optimize operational processes: Working closely with various departments, the Chief of Staff is focused on optimizing operations and ensuring that company goals are achieved efficiently. This could involve introducing new processes, improving cooperation between departments or identifying efficiency gains.
  • Crisis management and problem solving: In times of uncertainty or unexpected challenges, the Chief of Staff plays a key role in crisis management. He or she works closely with the management to respond quickly to problems, develop solutions and protect the company’s interests.
  • Coordination and implementation of initiatives: The position requires a high degree of coordination in the implementation of company-wide initiatives. This may include managing projects, monitoring key performance indicators or coordinating strategic partnerships.

The Chief of Staff is therefore a key strategic role that helps to put the company’s vision into practice and ensure the effectiveness of operational processes – the position is the mouthpiece of the management. 


How high is the salary of a Chief of Staff?

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The salary of a Chief of Staff varies greatly and depends on a number of factors, including:

  • the industry  
  • the size of the company 
  • the individual experience of the applicant  
  • the geographical location 

As a rule, however, the salary of a Chief of Staff can be significant, as it is a high-ranking position. 

For established companies in highly competitive industries and major cities, annual salaries for this position can be in the six-figure range or even higher. It is important to note that in addition to the basic salary, bonuses, performance incentives and other additional benefits are often part of the overall remuneration package. The individual negotiating skills and experience of the Chief of Staff can also have an influence on the total remuneration. 


What should be considered when hiring a Chief of Staff?

A good communication base with the person they are hiring or the CEO they will be working with is of great importance. Due to the naturally close working relationship, it is crucial that the people involved have a very good basis of trust and communication. It is advisable to take enough time during the selection process to ask lots of questions and spend some time together outside the formal setting before making or accepting a job offer.


At consultingheads we have already been able to support numerous companies in the selection and appointment of a Chief of Staff support. We greatly appreciate maintaining contact with candidates and CEOs, even after they have taken up their positionn – This is a relevant component of our networkworkDNA. 

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