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Strategy in Action (SiA) X consultingheads for management consultancies

Advising your clients with an effective business strategy can be a challenge for management consultancies. Together with consultingheads and the “Strategy in Action” (SiA) program, we support management consultancies in the development and implementation of their strategies to enable sustainable growth and the scaling of their business.

What advantages does Strategy in Action offer?

The traditional approach to strategic planning is reaching its limits in today’s fast-moving business world. With SiA for management consultancies, you address this problem through flexibility, team integration and clear responsibilities to promote measurable growth and sustainable success.

For a wide range of industries

Strategy in Action (SiA) is the strategic cornerstone for industries worldwide and offers customized solutions for unique challenges. From financial services, energy and telecommunications to transportation and many other industries, the program adapts its approach to the specifics of each industry.

SiA's solutions

Implementing strategies operationally

Feature 1: SiA platform

The first strategy workflow software of its kind. For developing, implementing and updating your consulting strategy.

  • The first digital platform dedicated entirely to strategy.
  • Secure, collaborative and cloud-based solution.
  • Includes strategy, business plan, progress report and strategy update.

Feature 2: Workshops & coaching

Intensive workshops and coaching sessions led by SiA-certified consultants designed to engage and educate your employees to maximize results.

  • Conducted by SiA experts in your field who will support you every step of the way.
  • Expert workshops and coaching to challenge and develop your teams.
  • Strategy expertise to expand your knowledge and skills.
  • Access to additional customized advice from your management consultancy, as required.

Feature 3: Data & Insights

Collected insights and analyses specifically for your consulting strategy. To make informed decisions and promote growth.
Your strategy is supported by data, research and insights.
Strategic foresight to make your management consultancy future-proof.
Industry benchmarking and ratings.
Comprehensive insights from surveys based on the expertise of your teams.
Market sizes, trends and competitor analyses so that you are always one step ahead.

SiA for management consultancies in 3 steps

Get your SiA certification through consultingheads and strengthen your value proposition:

How we support SiA-certified management consultancies

We support you as a management consultancy and are always at your side. We provide you with all the tools you need to advise your customers and further expand your advisory business.

Start your journey as a SiA Certified Professional

The first step to becoming a SiA certified management consultancy is to participate in the SiA Certified Professionals Program.
As soon as you have been accepted into the CP program, we will start the training. Opt for individual training or take part in a planned CP group program, depending on your needs.
SiA Certified Professionals are outstanding individuals who, through training, practice and assessment, have proven skills that enable them to master the SiA process and platform, facilitate workshops and conduct coaching sessions.

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Any questions?

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is the Strategy in Action certification program?

The SiA Certified Professional program is your path to mastering the entire strategy activation process. In the course of the program you will:

  • Acquire the skills required to implement Strategy in Action in any organization by using the SiA platform,
  • study basic strategy theories and frameworks and learn how to effectively prepare and conduct strategy workshops using real-life case studies.

Who is the Strategy in Action certification program for?

The SiA Certified Professionals Program is a training course specially developed by SiA for management consultancies. It aims to train outstanding individuals who have the necessary skills for coaching and support during the SiA process.

How is the SiA CP program structured?

The program follows a structured path of training sessions held either in person or online, depending on your needs.

  • 2 to 2.5 days of live training with our experienced SiA coaches
  • Full access to the SiA training portal, an online resource with training materials, videos, case studies and more.

What are the benefits of the Strategy in Action certification program?

The Strategy in Action Certified Professional program is designed to provide you with the following key benefits:

  • After the course you will be fully trained in the theory and process of the Strategy in Action program and platform.
  • The certification program offers first-class training in strategic agility and strategic decision-making.
  • The program prepares you comprehensively to confidently communicate the “Strategy in Action” program to customers.
  • Upon successful completion of the SiA CP program, you will receive a CPD-registered professional qualification.

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