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The consultingheads X Strategy in Action (SiA) program

Developing an effective business strategy can be a challenge that keeps you from setting and achieving your business goals. Together with consultingheads and the “Strategy in Action” (SiA) program, we help you develop and implement your strategy to enable sustainable growth and scaling of your company.

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Developed for strategy. Designed for every industry.

Wherever there is a profit and loss account, there is also the opportunity for growth and scaling. Strategy in Action is a subscription-based service that supports companies in various industries and sectors in building strategic structures and success.

SiA for corporate groups

Corporate groups often operate on a global scale with a large number of independent companies working under the umbrella of a larger group. Whether it is a multinational conglomerate, an industrial group or a financial institution.

Such organizations can benefit from using SiA in the following ways:

  • Each division has its own strategy, which clearly shows how priorities and ambition levels contribute to the Group.
  • Ownership and consent of key stakeholders.
  • Effective management of risks and changes.
  • Balance between short-term and long-term financial goals.

SiA for groups

Most companies have business units – independent units within larger organizations – each with its own objectives and management team.

Use SiA with your business units for:

  • Coordination of BU strategies with corporate goals.
  • Ensuring transparency and effective allocation of resources between the business units by the company.
  • Ensuring effective allocation of resources.
  • Involvement of the most important BU stakeholders and their experience in the strategy process.
  • Enabling the assumption of responsibility for strategy throughout the organization.

SiA for private equity

Private equity firms have to navigate a world of high pressure and volatile business environments. Striking the right balance between risk and reward is crucial, and a single strategic decision can make all the difference. This is where Strategy in Action comes into play.

SiA is a trusted partner for private equity firms around the world and offers:

  • Robust value creation plans tailored to the portfolio companies.
  • Expansion of expertise for both portfolio companies and potential internal strategy units.
  • Centralized, uniform and meaningful reporting on the strategic plans of the portfolio companies.
  • Codified and proven concept for business success.
  • Identification and utilization of synergies, promotion of the dissemination of best practices throughout the portfolio.
  • Support in the development of vendor and commercial due diligence.

SiA for SMEs

Independent companies are often fast-growing, founder-led businesses that face challenges such as rapid growth, internationalization and raising capital that are critical to their long-term success.

SiA is ideally positioned to support SMEs in overcoming these challenges:

  • Provision of affordable strategy know-how.
  • Qualification of internal resources.
  • Agile and repeatable strategy formulation.
  • Simplification of future forecasts.
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For a wide range of industries

Strategy in Action (SiA) is the strategic cornerstone for industries worldwide and offers customized solutions for unique challenges. From financial services, energy and telecommunications to transportation and many other industries, the program adapts its approach to the specifics of each industry.

First-class results that form the basis for your strategic plan

With the help of SiA, your team will create and define your strategic plan – as well as deliver and monitor the execution of your operational plan – by producing powerful and accurate results in the SiA platform.

Strategy on one page

A concise summary of your organization. The “strategy on a page” defines your vision, your mission and your ambitions – and sets a clear goal that underpins your strategy.

The playing field

A visual representation of your competitive landscape, showing the market offerings and segments in which you operate today and in which you could operate in the future.

ROIC tree with Benchmarketing

A comparison of your return on invested capital (ROIC) with that of your competitors and the industry average, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses in terms of capital efficiency and value creation.

Competence matrix

The skills matrix is a powerful tool that ranks and prioritizes your strengths and weaknesses. It was developed on the basis of a detailed assessment of your skills using four criteria. The result is your core strengths, i.e. the areas that you consider to be very important and in which you perform well today. Your core weaknesses are areas of major importance where you feel you are lagging behind your competitors.

Market assessment

A comprehensive analysis that draws on classic theories and frameworks to provide an in-depth assessment of your market space.


A visual representation of the potential financial cost of external threats that could negatively impact your business performance.


A visual representation of the potential financial benefit of external opportunities that could have a positive impact on your business performance.


A synthesis that helps you to identify and evaluate your internal strengths and weaknesses as well as external opportunities and threats.

Strategic priorities

A series of high-level decisions that define the direction and focus of your strategy in key areas, based on your SWOT analysis and market assessment.

Impact of the strategic priorities

A simulation of the expected financial impact of implementing your strategic priorities.

Stratetic objects

A visual representation of your outlined strategic priorities along with the expected financial costs and benefits.

Strategic scenarios

A presentation of the worst-case, basic and ambition scenarios of your strategy.

Cost requirements

A breakdown of the costs associated with implementing your strategy, including operating costs, capital expenditure and financing costs.

Profit and loss account

A projection of the revenues and profits you expect to generate when implementing your strategy based on your market assessment, scenario analysis and cost requirements.

Operating plan

A plan that describes the timeline of strategic initiatives required to realize your strategic priorities.

Action cards

An in-depth examination of the strategic initiatives required to deliver each strategic priority, taking into account activities, milestones, OKRs, costs, risks and more.

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Companies that want to develop, implement or update their strategy


SiA platform, workshops & coaching and optional consulting


Delivery between 4 and 16+ weeks, depending on your needs


One-to-one coaching with a customized approach, in person or online


Annual subscription from 5 to 50 users


Price on request

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Together with consultingheads and the “Strategy in Action” (SiA) program, we help you develop and implement your strategy to enable sustainable growth and scaling of your company.

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